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The specific role of UV printer coating

Now,UV printing machine has become more and more popular, I believe that many customers in the use, in fact, I believe that many people worry about UV printing patterns over time will fall,UV versatile flat plate printer UV ink weather resistance is better.

Normally indoor 5 years or so will not fade, if the outdoor about 3-5 years will not fade, if the protective layer lasts longer! Of course, it is recommended to use regular manufacturers of ink. There is generally a special process to solve this problem, let's see!

I. different materials:

Different coating materials are not the same, for example, the glass coating on the glass printing does not fade, on the metal will fade. Make sure the coating is provided by the manufacturer. For example, part of the coating bought at random in the market cannot improve the adhesion of uv ink.

Two, uv ink is not compatible:

If strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's designated uv ink after the use of coating, varnish and other links will not be a problem. Of course, private replacement of uv ink will lead to a drop in adhesion, which will seriously lead to blockage of the ink system.

Iii. Coating treatment

Uv printer to print ceramic tile, glass, acrylic and other materials to wipe a layer of coating, if water are faded, that coating and uv ink quality is not good, contact the manufacturer to replace a new can.


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