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What errors can affect the quality of uv flat panel printing?

In the production of UV flat panel printer, the picture quality will be made mistakes due to the nozzle failure, medium placement and height adjustment and other factors, mainly due to the ink dripping and leakage of the nozzle, or the nozzle is too close to the material medium, causing the nozzle to brush the medium surface and damage the picture quality. UV flat printer printing materials must be placed flat, this is a lot better for the equipment with suction device. Of course, there is also a reason that the printing material is too transparent, or too thick. At this point, the printing material needs to be reloaded to ensure that the surface is smooth and the opaque printing material needs to be replaced.

There are occasional drops of ink in the process of printing on UV flat panel printers. This is usually because the filter plate in the air filter on the vice-ink tank is wet, resulting in poor ventilation.

This can also be caused by UV flat plate printer printing nozzle has fine hair and dust and other dirt, UV ink spraying when these dirt accumulated to a certain extent, will automatically drip. To solve this kind of problem, we need to replace the air filter, and also need to use special cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle, and to do a detailed inspection of the two edges of the light box cloth, to see if there is any extra burr, if there is burr, you can use a lighter to handle it simply.

UV panel printer printing in the transmission of printing data, its indicator light will keep flashing, even if press the start button, UV panel printer printing still can not print. This is also a common UV flat panel printer printing production failure, no experienced operators are difficult to deal with.

It is important to note that if the UV flat-panel printers print in the printing process carried out incorrect terminate printing operations, even stopped printing work, there will still be some residual PC print data sent to the print machine, its still retains the print data in the memory, but in the UV flat-panel printers, printer seems the data is invalid, the print job and therefore not achieve them, but also can cause subsequent print can't work properly.


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