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Chang wei technology co., LTD. Is a collection of popular UV flat-panel printers, UV coil machine, printing ink, UV oil, UV light fittings, UV equipment, post-press processing one of the modern printing materials company, provide the UV printing ink packaging business, the company has many imported ink channels, three UV ink, dolby and UV ink, naz by UV ink, dongzhou UV ink and other consumables, UV machine, UV machine accessories, and other color printing processing equipment; Perfect production equipment and strict management, so that the customer's printing quality reached the international advanced level, but also for your products to provide quality one-stop service. The company undertakes the maintenance of printing equipment, on-site adjustment and color curve management. The company has several engineers engaged in the development of printing technology for more than ten years, and has rich experience in the development, maintenance and repair of UV printing technology equipment. Color printing standards of various industries; And a variety of imported and domestic UV ink performance, can provide you with a more reasonable cost-effective package. The company cooperates with dozens of experienced after-sales engineers in various cities, ready to provide you with efficient after-sales service, to save you a lot of travel costs and time to ensure your production. Changwei digital invites a large number of practitioners to come to cooperate, can provide systematic training, at the lowest cost, achievement of your entrepreneurial dream! Changwei digital allows you to print worry-free! Can provide a consignment business!



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